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Servo star India is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of power conditioning electrical products. We offer a wide range of voltage stabilizers to protect sensitive electrical equipment from fluctuations, spikes, surges, blackouts, and other such mishaps. Their products are used in various fields, including automotive, industrial, medical, and power generation. All their voltage regulators and stabilizers are widely used to save your sensitive electrical equipment from getting spoilt because of fluctuations, spikes, surges, blackouts, and other mishaps. If you are looking for a leading voltage stabilizer manufacturer in India, Servo star India is a perfect choice.

Servo star India is a significant supplier of Servo Voltage Stabilizers and Isolation Transformers, which are used to protect electronic equipment from fluctuations in power. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Servo star India has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer customers. We’ve also gained a reputation for providing top-quality equipment that meets the needs of various applications. Their products are available in both DC and AC versions, and We constantly strive to improve their stabilizers and isolation transformers to meet the demands of their customers. If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with reliable and quality products, then Servo star India should be your go-to choice!


Servo star India is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of stabilizers and voltage regulators. Whenever you decide to buy servo, think of Purevolt. Our voltage regulators, Sine Wave Inverters, Solar Inverters, Ultra Isolation Transformers, Automatic Voltage Controller, voltage regulators, Isolation Transformers, and Online UPS are among the finest in India. We have gained a reputation amongst our clients for -ISO 9001-2015 certification-Strict and regular quality checks.-High Customer Retention Rate and Repeat customers.

Servo star India has pioneered the development of voltage stabilizers, voltage regulators, and transformers through extensive domestic and international exposure to power conditioning equipment. The installation of these voltage stabilizers has become a necessity for every household. Globally, We have changed the way we view electronic and electrical devices. With sophisticated technology, these voltage stabilizers and regulators allow users to adjust the voltage requirement and improve the efficiency of the devices. Their output terminals deliver a constant voltage to a load irrespective of fluctuations in the incoming supply. The following are a few of our core values: We believe in upholding customer satisfaction. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and services so that our customers can stay connected and enjoy their lives to the fullest. We uphold ethical values and work towards sustainable development practices.

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    servo star india PRODUCTS CATEGORIES

    Industrial Voltage Stabilizer

    Used for giving persistent info and yield voltage to beat the issue of voltage vacillation.

    Digital Voltage Stabilizers

    Used for giving persistent info and yield voltage to beat the issue of voltage vacillation.

    Transformer Range

    A transformer is an electronic gadget that moves the electric energy from a specific circuit to another with a variation in voltage.

    UPS Range

    Servo star India is the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of different types of UPS systems.

    Upto 10 mva capacity with 11/22/33 kv class
    High-quality Range of
    World’s most successful



    We promise innovative high tech products characterized by tremendous quality & reliability.


    We promise innovative high tech products characterized by tremendous quality & reliability.

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