Servo Star India

Auto Variable Transformers Variac
Input Voltage Single Phase 230 Or 240 Volt


Parameter Single Phase Unit
Input Voltage Single Phase 230 Or 240 Volt
Output Voltage Single Phase 0-270V
Input Voltage Three Phase 400 Or 415 Volt
Output Voltage Three Phase 0-470V
Variac is most effective equipment for stepless correction, breakless & continuous control of ac voltage. It is generally used in testing purposes, varying voltage requirement in any application as wll as manufacturing in servo voltage stabilizes. Variac is pure copper wound on toroidal lamination an effective instrument to control the voltage as per requirement. Output voltage can be enhanced as per requirement upto 300v in single phase and upto 500 volt in three phase. It can also be customized with option of motorized or manual mode. The mode of cooling will be air cooled or oil cooled.
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