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Distribution Transformer and Its Types – What You Need to Know?

A distribution transformer is a device that transfers energy from the electrical grid to your home, businesses, and commercial structures. They are frequently found on poles in residential zones or on the side of constructions where there is a lot of foot traffic.

These devices are also named step-down transformers since they decrease voltages from higher to lower stages that customers can handle without damaging their appliances. It is ideal to find one of the best distribution transformation manufacturers in Delhi, or wherever you live, for buying the best quality product for your application. Let’s take a look to know about the types of the distribution transformer.

Distribution Transformer Manufacturers
Distribution Transformer

Types of Distribution Transformer

Since distribution transformers are used for voltage parameters and load distribution, they come in numerous sizes, regarded by voltages and currents. And these can be classified into four categories based on their application.

•Single Phase
This distribution transformer is intended for single-phase power systems. The main winding of this transformer is related to an incoming 3-phase supply line through 3 distinct terminals. It has one subordinate winding for each phase and is associated with the load through dissimilar terminals.

•Three Phase
On the other hand, this kind of distribution transformer is envisioned for three-phase power schemes. It has three secondary windings associated in a delta connection with a shared neutral wire (ground). Each of these three secondary twists has a dissimilar voltage depending on their turn ratio compared to one another.

These transformers are connected directly to concrete pads or pad bases. It can be used in place of conservative pad-mounted transformers by using a straight burial cable, which lets you bury power lines underground without disquieting about corrosion or breakage.

Pole Mounted
These are designed to be installed on poles above ground level so they can be simply accessed when essential. They are also used for pole-mounting of superior-purpose transformer banks such as capacitors or recloser banks.

The above-mentioned information will let you know about the types of the distribution transformer. You can find one of the most popular distribution transformer suppliers in Delhi, or elsewhere, to buy the best products for your industry.

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