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Servo Stabilizer Single Phase
1 Phase 140-280V, 170-270V, 196-265V

The Versatile Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer is equipped with a fully automatic IC based Solid Stat with Glass Epoxy control card for easy online service ability. The mode of operation is automatic and manual as per the need of the customers. The single phase servo voltage stabilizers price is quite affordable as per the Indian markets and has a lot many technical features. The input and the output voltage can be seen on the Digital Control Card Display and is very efficient to use. It has different Input range, from 140-280V, 170-270V, 196-265V as per the requirement of the clients and the input frequency is from 48-50Hz. The voltage correction speed is also as per the requirement from 6V to 40V with a unique response time of less than 10M/Sec. There is an auto protection alarm and works in Under Voltage, auto reset, Over Voltage and Short Circuit. The display indicator indicates when the Mains on, Under Voltage, Over Voltage and Overload. The Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer is very useful equipment and designed variably as per the requirement.

Technical Specification

Parameter Single Phase Unit
Input Ranges Single Phase 90-280V ,140-280V, 170-270V, 196-265V Or Any Other Input Ranges as per Requirement of The Client.
Input Frequency 48 To 52 Hz
Output Voltage Range Single Phase 230/240V +/- 1%
Accuracy/Regulation +/- 1%
Output Frequency 50Hz
Output Waveform True To Input
Mode Of Operation Auto/Manual
Voltage Correction Speed 6V To 40 Volts (Asper Requirement)
Response Time Less Than 10M/Sec
Correction Method Step-Less Correction Throught Variable Transformer
Type Of Cooling Oil Cooled & Air cooled
Operating Temperature 45 Deg. C Above Ambient
Insulation Class Class B To F
Duty Cycle 100 Continuous
Efficiency >/- 98%
Auto Transformer Copper Electrolytic Grade, Heavy Duty
Buck Boost Transformer Copper Electrolytic Grade, Heavy Duty
Sevo Motor High Torque, Quick Response
Contol Circuit Fully Automatic Ic Based Solid Stat, Glass Epoxy Control Card For Easy On Line Serice Ability
Digital Control Card Display Having Following Features :-
Digital With Class 1 Accuracy
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Output Current (Auto Scrolling)
Auto Protection Alarm Under Voltage, Auto Reset
Over Voltage, Auto Reset
Short Circuit                
Indications Mains On
Under Voltage
Over Volt
Over Load
Load Application Capacitive, Resistive, Any Combination Of The Load
Component Losses Asper IS : 9815
Load Losses Asper IS : 9815
No Load Current Asper IS : 9815
Quality Process ISO : 9001 : 2008
IS Standrad IS : 9815, IS : 2026, IS : 335
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