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Distribution Transformer
Upto 10 mva capacity with 11/22/33/66 kv class

Power & Distribution Transformer

For efficient power supply, well engineered and reliable transformers are essential. Servostar with its two decade expertise in transformer has established state of the art facilities for distribution and power facility.

Power Transformer

Power transformers, core-oil assembly are rigidly supported by a common pressure ring of dandified wood at the top and bottom, for precise alignment. Well profiled angled rings are placed between hv and lv windings to reduce voltage stress levels. We manufacture power transformers upto 10 mva capacity with 11/22/33/66 kv class. Transformers cores are built with crgo, low loss silicon steel lamination. Use of high grade and laser scribed laminations for the core significantly reduce no load losses and noise levels as committed. Power transformer winding are made of electrolytic grade copper with continuously transposed conductors as per the designs requirement. The winding has axial and radial cooling ducts to ensure effective heat dissipation into the oil and elimination the hot spots. For high voltage windings, disc coil with excellent mechanical strength are used to take the stresses due to voltage level. A special interleaved or shielded construction offers most uniform voltage distribution despite system transients.  

The ends an tapping leads to all the windings are connected by special extra flexible, insulated copper cables, which are rigidly braced in position. The core-coil assembly is put into the tank with proper location arrangements. The tank is then filled with hot oil, filtrated by high vacuum oil filtration plant. Power transformers, tank are built with mild steel plates to withstand full vacuum. Conforming to the international standards. Lugs for jacking, lifting and hauling are routinely tested for dye penetration. Tanks have welded or bolted top cover. Tanks are shot blasted to get a surface finish to have double coat of epoxy pint after double coat of epoxy primer. The transformer is made read for final inspection after assembly of bushings, conservator, and radiators etc.

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