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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo stabilizer is a type of system which gives a stable Alternate Current or AC output voltage if the input power supply voltage is not constant or changes. It save the highly expensive equipment from high and low voltage problems. It helps to maximize the life of equipment and improve he productivity of machineries as well reduces wastage and damage of raw materials by providing stable electric supply. Now, you can get an idea how additional advantage this stabilizer can provide you. Our company is number one servo voltage stabilizer dealers which offers best quality products.

This type of stabilizer gives guarantee of stable output power supply, protection from low voltage or high voltage, overload and short circuiting.

Let's understand what a servo stabilizer can do

We can say a Servo Stabilizer is a Servo motor controlled stabilization system which can perform optimum voltage supply by using a Buck or Boost transformer booster that will easily detect the voltage fluctuations from input and immediately adjust the current to the correct output. An AC synchronous motor changes the voltage in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and manages the output voltage with components like dimmer,control card, comparator, transistors, mocs, etc.

Since, we know that without the presence of stable voltage in the power supply it can lead to breakdown of sensitive electronic equipment and can affect the operation of the business. 230 volts of power is usually distributed for single phase and in case of three-phase 415 volts. In these cases all electrical appliances (especially, single phase) are made to operate in the voltage range of 220 to 240V.

Usually, the acceptable range of voltage in some of the countries  is 230 ± 10V as per the electricity standards of the respective countries. It is found that many appliances can withstand this voltage fluctuation range.

Main Part/Component Function of Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage fluctuations are very common in many places, it occurs in the range of 170 to 270V. These voltage fluctuations can lead ro adverse effects on appliances.

Main parts or components of servo stabilizer and their Functioning

Servo voltage stabilizer has seven main components,  as follows :

  1. Dimmer (Variable Transformer)
  2. Carbon Brush
  3. Servomotor – Synchronizing Motors
  4. Buck Boost Transformer (Series Transformer)
  5. Relay or Contactor
  6. MCB, MCCB
  7. Electronic Circuit

Benifits of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Stabilizers are very beneficial, it is not only a voltage fixing system, but a completely reliable energy device that is far better than traditional relay based stabilizers.

Here are few benefits of servo stabilizers:

1.It provides high voltage correction accuracy with output of ±1 voltage correction.

  1. It switches less systems to adjust fluctuating voltage at desired levels.
  2. It gives a high load capacity that will support up to 5000 KVA or above.
  3. The voltage is based on step less correction.
  4. It provides the best stabilization for hospitals best for intricate machinery like X-ray machines, CAT scans, radiation and diagnostic equipment.
  5. It has a wide functioning area from schools, offices, homes and industries.
  6. Oil cooled and air cooled transformers that are affordable.

In short, we can say its benefits or performance are unmatched and amazing features

Contact with Servo Voltage Stabilizer Dealers

We are the number one servo voltage stabilizer dealers and other top notch products which are used in the industry of medical, automotive, power generation etc.

  So if you are searching for a good servo voltage stabilizer supplier then you can check our website or contact us

Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer

Our company is one one the  best  servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers and also we provide a wide range of stabilizers which will protect your sensitive electrical appliances or equipment. The stabilizer will save the equipment from the damage which a fluctuation, surges, sudden blackouts or spikes can cause.

During the peak hours, holidays or rainy days and when agricultural and industrial load is switched off the voltage rises 8sharply, which leads problems to the machineries and causes many financial losses. Ninety percent of industrial load is made of motors. The electric motors which have smaller capacity up to 7.5 HP, during low voltage, the motor draws higher current which requires higher setting of overload relay to avoid the frequent tripping of motors. If you go for higher setting of overload relay then remember that it very less safety margin against single phasing and mechanical faults. Let’s assume the relay setting is 15 to 20 % higher than actual operating current, then the relay will take 46 minutes to trip. The motor cannot hold the high current for such a long period of time and in most cases, it burns out before the motor trip. We offer the Servo stabilizers, that will wipe off all the above problems by giving a constant level of voltage irrespective of the hindrances by the fluctuating mains power supply system.

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